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Making Waves

High Quality Speech, Language, and Feeding Therapy.

Speech, Language and Feeding Therapy

Making Waves Speech and Feeding Therapy is a speech, language, and feeding pathology practice that provides individualized treatment, consultations, and evaluations by a highly experienced, certified and licensed speech and language therapist. 


Making Waves provides therapy for:


  • Feeding and Swallowing Disorders and Difficulties 

  • Receptive Language Disorders 

  • Expressive Language Disorders

  • Articulation and Phonological Productions/Speech Sound Productions 

  • Pre-linguistic communication    See more >>

Tailored Treatment

A treatment plan tailored to your needs:


  • Therapy

  • Assessment 

  • Consultations

  • Session Duration based on need

  • And other options  See more >>


“Our little girl did not speak.  No mama or dada, nothing. Amy Kantor worked with her. She was professional, smart, warm, and caring.  She really loved her work, too.  Today our girl is doing great in school and talking up a storm.”

Tom V.

“My young son did not communicate at all.  He did not have any words and wasn’t even pointing to let me know what he wanted. I was so frustrated not being able to understand what he wanted and needed.  He was also always so frustrated.  Every day was one tantrum after another. Then we found Amy Kantor and everything began changing. She worked with my son and me, teaching me too, and he soon began saying more and more words, answering questions, and even sitting at the table with us!  He now talks non-stop in long sentences and understands everything!  I owe everything to Amy.”

Ayisha H.

"My daughter was struggling in all academic subjects in school. She wasn't able to follow anything that the teachers would say or ask her. We sent her to so many other people trying to find ways to help her until we found Amy who immediately diagnosed and began treating the problems.  We soon started seeing improvement and she is now a straight-A student."

Madeline F.

“Jacob's capacity for learning language and eating meals with all of us has improved enormously in just a very short time since he began seeing Amy. He would not speak and was unable to drink from a cup or eat most foods like all the other children.  With Amy's help, he now says countless words and sentences and continues to expand his vocabulary every day. He also drinks from a cup and eats almost everything! I strongly recommend Amy to anyone seeking speech or feeding therapy for themselves or their child."

Shira Z.

"I contacted Amy after my daughter's pediatrician recommended she see a speech therapist and referred me to Amy.  From the moment I contacted Amy she put me at ease.  While my daughter's issues were not severe it was clear to me she needed some professional help. However, it was very important to me that these issues be addressed in a caring, considerate manner.  Amy went above and beyond.  First, she never tried to sell us on a big package of expensive never ending therapy.  She did her assessment and came up with a reasonable, rational approach.  Second, she could not have been more accommodating -- she came to our apartment to work with my daughter -- and was happy to come in the early morning to accommodate my daughter's school schedule.  Third, my daughter loved working with Amy.  Now that we are done with regular therapy she tells me she misses her time with Amy.  Finally, over a relatively short period of time Amy significantly improved my daughter's speech issues -- she now can be understood and is so much happier as a result.  We could not be happier with Amy and I would recommend her to anyone -- we will certainly turn to her again if one of our other children ever need speech therapy."          Jenifer M.                                                                     

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